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About Boyner Clinic

Dr. Boyner Clinic Pvt. Ltd is becoming a leader with an innovative range of customized insole technology in India as well as abroad. Dr. Boyner Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Has dedicated all the time to providing high quality global customized insoles solution for healthcare professionals and general consumers worldwide. With our mission to improve quality of human life and to reduce cost of healthcare management, we have an ambitious goal to be the leading provider of customized insole technology and are focusing our efforts on developing excellent and distinctive products with technical knowledge and large experiences. . The company works on the principle of the French technology. Dr. Boyner Clinic Pvt. Ltd business activities encompass fabrication of customized insoles, distribution of the set up for different upcoming centres. Owing to its consistency in strategy implementation, Dr. Boyner Clinic Pvt. Ltd is building a position of an innovative supplier of non-invasive foot care orthotic and diagnostic machineries in India and abroad.

Our team takes care of the product quality we give to our patients. We believe in development and continuous upgradation of our products following the latest technical know-how and medical knowledge based solutions. All our products are being imported from France and are made of top quality materials and satisfy all safety standards. We have the quality grade certifications for our machines, along with CE certificate and certificate of authentication with sole distributorship certificate.

Our motto is “ Care for your feet- our prime priority. Which means not only help people be aware of their feet problems but also our commitment and business activity focused on our customers.Professionalism is the key factor of our work. Our aim is to constantly improve production and selling processes so that we could provide our clients with solutions of highest quality.