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Custom Made Insoles

Comfort City

This is the module which is eing used for the females who want to use the insoles in their narrow bellies or shoes with less space.

Sensitive Feet

This particular module is prescribed for the neuropathic cases, and the male formal shoes.

Fragile Feet

Fragile feet is given to the patients who are diabetic in nature reason being the softness in the top layer of the insole due to diaflex inbuilt in the insole.


This module comes under the active patient category whose walking or running is comparatively more compared to others.

Endurance Sports

Endurance is the advanced level of Multisports which can be given to the sportsperson and people who are involved into higher activities.

Gliding Sports

Gliding Sports is the module which can be given to the professional players who play for long hours. This insole has a special quality that it is made up of rigid resin layer to provide support throughout his activity and also increases the life of the insole.