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Insole Heating Machine

The themo heater machine is used for heating the insoles after we take the impression of the feet.This machine consists of a heat induction plate, with power supply , a glass covering from above with a hinge attachment. A Teflon sheet is being provided in between so that after heating the insoles when the platform of induction plate becomes hot on closing it should not come into direct contact with the glass.


  1. The module selected is placed horizontally inside the plate and covered with the glass.
  2. From the power mode the switch is made on.
  3. There is a panel button which is set upto temperature of 120 degree centigrade.
  4. Then we start the heating button and the temperature reaches upto 120 and heating of insoles start.
  5. The insoles get heated upto 2 minutes and we have to continuously check for the flexibility of insoles.