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Red Pedometer

4096 Calibrated capacitive sensors
490 X 490mm Active Area
Light & Convenient : 4Kg weight 5mm Thick
Two Sensors per Cm Square
Synchronized Video
USB Connected
Self sufficient on the field modern and sober design

Foot Work Pro, Advanced technology allows the Foot Work Pro plates to measure pressure and force distribution accurately with high speed and high resolution. Footwork can become essential for your clinical examination. It has a truly amazing capacity for communication between patients and prescribers. We design and manufacture our electronic pedometers: our goals are to bring on the market the only product, with quality and reliability. With the joint effort of our electronics engineers and data processing specialists, the development and research of footwork Pro took several years of study in order to bring you a product whose design features correspond to your waiting. The evolutions and optimization constitute a significant part of our research.

The Foot Work Pro is ideal for dedicated clinicians that demand quality information instantly. It's uniquely intuitive to use with fast data processing and excellent graphics The FootWork Pro been programmed to automatically identify the 'mean' foot behaviour from 40 samples. It's inexpensive, robust and simple to use and all backed up by excellent customer service.

The use of the electronic 'odometer is essential to evaluate in an accurate way the following parameters:

  • Pressures distribution in orthostatic condition.
  • Stabilometry of the patient in static position
  • Dynamic evolution of the pressure during the dynamic phase of a step
  • Peaks of pressures and time of contact on the ground
  • Individualization of areas at risk for the foot
  • Comparison of the results of therapies adopted in time
  • help in the design of plantar orthesis

The analysis podometer enables the individualization of biomechanical defects of the foot, in static phase or during walk, as well for the prevention as for the treatment, by highlighting the results of the external and surgical interventions on the foot and the lower limb. The use of holds or elements placed under the foot of the patient and visualized using pedometer can bring indications or modifications of the treatment