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Zermatt Unit

Exclusive Zermatt Unit model of CRISPIN MEDICAL

  1. Assembly made of enameled galvanized steel
  2. Glossy Metal cabinet on wheels
  3. 4 drawers and one large space to accommodate the engine suction
  4. Double jointed instrument tablet with devices, controls and functions related to electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit
  5. Control panel with push button (optional touchscreen)
  6. 3-way valve in the water circuit with ON / OFF function to pressurize the sprays of water tank
  7. Air filter with automatic drainage of water condensation
  8. Multifunctional switch control of the speed of the micromotor and turbine, activation of the spray and the chip-blower
  9. BIEN AIR MCX micromotor with coals or induction, integrated spray, chip-blower and hydrostop
  10. Bien AIR PM1 Handpiece: 1 or other (without LED)
  11. Optional: LED handpiece see page 22-23
  12. Angled syringe of 3 functions: air, water and spray
  13. Switch version or hanging tubes
Specifications Measure
Height 94cm
Width 90cm
Depth 55cm
Footprint 66x90cm
Weight 90kg
2 Years Warranty, Made in Italy, Assembly and installation by us on specifications
Order no. Description Colour
MAUN1005 ZERMATT Unit hanging tubes with syringe, turbine, micromotor and handpiece (without LED) Of choice
MAUN1098 OPTIONAL:Turbine lighting -
MAUN1099 OPTIONAL: PAM lighting -
MAUN1082 OPTIONAL: Motor + integrated filter -
MAUN1084 OPTIONAL: Vacuum -
MAUN1086 OPTIONAL: Streamlined professional vacuum motor of 60m3/h -